Humax HB-1000S Freesat HD with Freetime TV Receiver


Freesat TV Receiver

Model: HB1000S

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  • What is Freesat?

    Freesat is a free satellite television service that delivers over 190 TV and radio channels including 6 HD channels, all subscription free. You can receive this service via a satellite dish and a Freesat enabled HD Digital TV receiver or recorder, often referred to as a set top box (STB) or personal video recorder (PVR). Freesat is jointly owned by the BBC and ITV, launched in May 2008 Freesat has strived to bring the best of TV into homes completely subscription free. The various Freesat services offer Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) and Freesat + with Freetime, that offers HD TV with the benefit of catch up TV and Video on Demand (VOD) via the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player*, 4Od, Demand 5 and YouTube.

    * ITV Player is available in England, Wales and The Channel Islands.

  • The nation’s favourite Catch Up players

    With Freetime you can enjoy the UK’s favourite Catch Up services: BBC iPlayer, ITV Player*, All 4 & Demand 5, plus videos on YouTube.
    There’s also news and video from the BBC News and Sports apps, movies on demand from Curzon Home Cinema and Hopster – the UK’s leading TV & learning platform for preschool children and now you can add Netflix – the world’s leading Internet television service.

    *ITV Player is available in England, Wales and The Channel Islands.
    *On Demand services require a compatible Freesat box and broadband connection (minimum recommended speed 2 Mbps).

  • Simple to use TV guide

    The Freetime EPG is one of the simplest to use guides using the colour coordinated remote control. The remote allows you to view live TV at a touch of a button, or by rolling backwards view catch up TV from all the key players, without leaving the same screen or connecting another device. You should never miss a second of your favorite shows. The now and next feature is a guide that lets you view the show you are watching but also see at a glance what’s also available or what’s coming up next.

    Living busy lives means that sometimes you miss out on the best of TV, with Showcase you are shown a selection of not to be missed TV. Shows and films from across all channels are selected on a day to day basis from the finest programme producers and broadcasters.
    No longer view catch up TV on your small screen laptop or PC with a huge range of content from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player*, 4oD, Demand 5 players plus additional content from YouTube.

    The Freesat service provides a huge choice in video on demand from the comfort of your living room and main TV.

  • Optional Recording Ability

    By purchasing a plug in hard drive recorder you can not only view the free to air satellite broadcasts you can save them to view again later.

  • Enhanced Viewing Pleasure

    The Humax TV Portal is your gateway to a host of extra application genres like news, magazines, weather, games and children’s content. Simply connect the HB-1000S to your home broadband connection, either by Ethernet cable directly or via powerline adaptors* or a Humax wireless dongle.

    *Powerline adaptors use your homes electrical plug sockets as a means to distribute your routers internet signal around your mains circuit, doing away with lengthy Ethernet cables to connect your networked devices like set top boxes.

    When connected to a HD ready TV set via the HDMI lead the HB-1000S 500GB will ensure the best resolution possible on your TV screen in 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 576P, or 576i. Enjoy the intense images and vibrant colours of HD channels from all the broadcasters transmitting in HD and all subscription-free. The box will also upscale standard definition programmes, making sure every image looks as fantastic as possible.

    Audio output is highlighted by Dolby Digital Plus, so you get the purest and cleanest cinema sound in your living room.

    Audio Description is also available plus Subtitles, so those with poor sight or hearing can enjoy shows with everyone, (these are recorded automatically if broadcast).

  • Home Networking

    The HB-1000S offers exciting multimedia and home networking capabilities when connected to the internet via the Ethernet, making it the heart of any home. Play media content including photos, videos and MP3s directly onto your TV using a memory device connected to the USB port, or connect it to PCs or laptops around the home through your home router, using the Ethernet port. Your friends and family will be able to see your holiday moments on the big screen without having to crowd around your digital camera.

    If you don’t like wires or your router is in another room you can connect your HB-1000S wirelessly via an optional Wi-Fi dongle which is supplied separately.

  • Easy Set Up

    Once you’ve removed the HB-1000S from its box, set up is quick and very easy. Every box comes with an HDMI cable for perfect digital transmission of HD pictures and sound and Ethernet cable to connect to your router. Nothing too technical, no expert help needed. It’s something you can easily do yourself.

    Option A
    Step 1
    Use the supplied Ethernet cable to connect your Humax receiver to your home’s internet router.
    Step 2
    Plug your satellite feed into the Humax receiver.
    Step 3
    Connect your Humax receiver to your TV using the supplied HDMI cable – which carries the high quality picture and sound.
    Step 4
    Plug the power lead from the box into a wall socket.

    Option B
    If your home’s internet router is in a different room from your TV and Humax receiver, it’s not a problem because you can connect them with a pair of Powerline adaptors. One plugs in close to the socket you use for your TV, the other plugs into the socket close to your router.
    Step 1

    Plug the first Powerline adapter into a wall socket close to the box and TV and connect your receiver to the adaptor with an Ethernet cable. Then connect an HDMI cable to your TV from your receiver. Remember that you also have to connect the receiver to the satellite feed with the appropriate cable. Simple.
    Step 2
    Plug the other Powerline adapter into the wall socket close to your router, then plug the router into it with another Ethernet cable. Again, simple.
    Step 3
    Power all the devices and follow the on screen step by step instructions with the remote control to complete the installation.